Our Family

Linda Fiorante

Linda has been there from the very beginning, starting in reception. When more support staff was hired, she took on the part time role of managing some of the holding companies.


Marilyn Fiorante

It is difficult to come up with a title for her position as she has done everything (usually all at once). Marilyn is responsible for the financial management of Fiorante Homes and Commercial Ltd. and some of our subsidiary holding companies.

Darcy Bohay – Project Manager

Darcy has been around so long, he’s considered a member of the family! He has seen it all and handles every project effectively and professionally. Darcy is on a first name basis with all of our clients and likely has their phone numbers programmed into his phone.


Rob Fiorante – New Homes Sales Manager

Vince’s son, Rob joined the company twelve years ago. Rob’s ability to ease clients through the sometimes overwhelming decision making process of building a new home is unmatched. Rob covers every step of creating a new home with his clients, from developing the perfect plan to establishing a realistic budget to the final step of moving into their beautiful new home. 

Rob has served the Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association as a Director for the past seven years.

Lloyd Huber – Site Supervisor/Service Specialist

Lloyd has 35 years experience in the construction industry. For nine years he has been our service specialist, working with clients on after-occupancy service items. Our clients enjoy working with Lloyd so much we sometimes wonder if they make things up to get him back to visit!


Dean Fiorante – Site Supervisor

Dean has been on board for ten years and is also Vince's son. He supervises the on-site work on single family homes to ensure the construction process is flowing in a smooth and timely manner.

Christina Fiorante-Lang - Operations Manager

Joe's daughter, Christina, joined the family business eight years ago.  She has 21 years experience in commercial and social property management and understands flexibility!  A mother of two active teenagers, Chris understands what it takes to help clients fit important home building decision making into their busy lives.


Tammy Martens – Administrative Assistant

Tammy is the first point of contact at Fiorante Homes and Commercial Ltd.   Always organized, Tammy efficiently keeps track of the tremendous amounts of paperwork that flows in and out of our office.