• Custom Cabinet Kitchen

    Beautiful White Kitchen with Granite Countertops

  • Regina Home Lottery 2013

    Fiorante Homes Lottery Home Regina

  • White Drop Light Kitchen

    White Drop Light Kitchen

  • Modern Kitchen / Living Room

    Modern Kitchen / Living Room

  • Modern Luxury Kitchen

    Modern Luxury Kitchen

  • Kitchen / Family Room

    Kitchen / Family Room

Built With Pride

Celebrating 50 years in the new home construction business, Fiorante Homes and Commercial Ltd. is one of the most experienced and respected home builders in Regina. We have a strong presence in the development of land, condominium and commercial projects including strip malls and small office buildings.

"Built with Pride" is not only our slogan, but the truth we live and believe when building any home regardless of budget or square footage. One of the things we are most proud of is that many of our clients have turned into life-long friends.

Show Homes

In order to keep our team and clients safe during this time, our show homes are available for viewing by appointment only.  Our show homes include 4418 Sage Crescent in The Creeks and Prairie Spruce Common at 1625 Badham Boulevard.

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What's New 

Renovations!  We understand that sometimes you just love your neighbourhood and the people in it, but you might want a freshen up or new office perhaps?   We have you covered.  We can come up with a new plan whether it's a major renovations (knocking down the old and putting up the new) or just a really pretty face lift within your budget.


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Featured Project

Fiorante Homes and Commercial Ltd. has been involved in land development for over 25 years in many areas of the city.  Canterbury Park has been our labour of love for the last 10 years with the development of mixed use buildings (commercial on the bottom and condominiums on the top), straight residential multi-family homes and commercial office buildings.

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